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Previous Sale Dog Profile: Capree Blue III

Sold by: Mark Cameron, NSW

Purchased by: Peter and Anita Crowe, Timor NSW

Sale Price: $2750

Breeding: (Kelpie) Glenfaba Kenny x Capree Kayleen 


"Capree Blue was purchased in 2009 at the first NWSDFS for $2750. He proceeded to go straight into work with mainly cows and calves and has hardly had a day off work since then. Blue is a good all round dog. He is capable of working all classes of livestock. He has terrific stamina, great work ethic and bites hard on the nose of cattle with no bark. He is a good sheep dog and will back sheep all day.

Blue’s first trial was when he competed at the inaugural cattle dog trial at the Man from Snowy River Festival which he won. He came back for the futurity the following year and ran second in the futurity and placed in the open. In 2014, his last eligible year for the futurity, he won it as well as the open trial. This year Blue ran second in the Australian Cowdog Challenge out of approx. 180 dogs. 

You could say that Blue has well and truly paid his way just through the limited amount of trialing he has had, let alone the day to day work he does . His attributes are being passed onto his progeny, making him a valuable asset to our Kelpie stud."


Previous Sale Dog Profile: Gunna Heidi

Sold by: Bill Hazard , Bunyah NSW (Nandi Working Dogs

Purchased by: Scott Morton (Morton Mustering and Working Dogs) Coolah, NSW

Sale Price: $4000

Breeding: (Kelpie) Gunna Tiger X Abras Whoopy

"I purchased Gunna Heidi in 2017. I was after a mustering dog with the strength to work cattle and the smarts to work goats. I was also keen to get something I thought would be competitive to go into the futurity. Since her purchase, Heidi has paid for herself in the workplace many times over being a main stay in our goat mustering business and moving cows in hilly country. In 2018 I brought her back to have a go at the challenge and with luck and a keen little dog we had a win. I recommend the people seriously consider the futurity sale as somewhere to purchase a dog. You dont very often get the chance to purchase dogs of this caliber and strength." Scott Morton (Mortons Mustering)

Previous Sale Dog Profile: Peppercorn Denny

Sold by: Adam & Lisa Wrobel,  Denman NSW (Wrobels Horses and Dogs)

Purchased by: Michael John Ryan, Forbes NSW

Sale Price: $8500

Breeding: (Kelpie) Glenfaba Kenny x Peppercorn Pinkie 

"On 24 June 2017 Supreme Kelpie Stud, FORBES travelled the National Working Stock Dog Sale held at Rosedale Complex, Murrundi. We went there after seeing that there were some very well bred dogs and we were hoping to acquire a Sire. We had picked out 3 dogs from the catalogue and were able to view all 3 dogs and talk to the owners before the demo and sale. This left us with no doubt Peppercorn Denny was the dog we wanted. He was a standout in type and had a great pedigree and was trained by an experienced handler in Adam Wrobel. We had to pay $8,500 to get Denny but it was well worth it. Denny is an outstanding dog on cattle and is also very good on sheep. He has sired 3 litters to date and we are happy with the pups he is producing. We would be lost without a dog like Denny to work our cattle. We hope to trial Denny at next year’s Futurity and we also plan to put him on the yard dog trial circuit."

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Previous Sale Dog Profile: Bunyah Sue

Sold by: Will Harvey, Muswellbrook NSW (Bunyah Kelpie Stud)

Purchased by: Charlie Brummell, Roma QLD

Sale Price: $4000

Breeding: (Kelpie) Glenfaba Titus x Barru Gwen 

“I am very pleased with Sue. I took her home from the sale and put her straight to work. I work for a company who owns numerous large properties that we muster 12 months of the year, with approx. 4500 head of cattle overall. The dogs work very hard and Sue has a great work ethic and is also a very committed companion and mate. I have since bred a littler out of Sue and am very happy with the pups”


Previous Sale Dog Profile: Glenfaba Wilga

Sold by: Ben Crowe, Timor NSW (Glenfaba Kelpies)

Purchased by: Janelle Wooldridge

Sale Price: $5800

Breeding: (Kelpie) Glenfaba Kenny x Glenfaba Dolly 

"We moved to the coast from out west and required a

couple of dogs that were hopefully tough and smart

enough to work in swampy country in wet times up

against steers and bullocks, cows and calves. I think I even

said at the sale, I need a dog that is a good swimmer.

Not knowing much about the dogs at the sale I spent my time scoring on paper what I thought was going to be a suitable dog. I took this task pretty serious, thinking it was my only hope if I didn't know anyone to ask for guidance. As it turned out the male dog I wanted Glenfaba Wilga had interest from another buyer at the sale and ended up being the highest priced dog. In our paddock he is the best thing I could ask for and best value for money in my life I will have ever spent. I would not part with him for any price. Wilga turned out a ripper of a dog.on our first job working bullocks together I knew i had chosen a tough, smart dog that would not give under pressure and that had the ability to instantly settle calmly. He can read his cattle very well. He has a very natural presence about him which enables him to move his stock calmly but also the strength to bite the nose or front leg with the tougher cattle when required. Wilga can move either large or small mobs on his own. Wilga is versatile enough to also use as a trial dog which I have on a few occasions see me place in a number of trials NSW maiden working stock dog championship and the ACDC. Thank you to Glenfaba working stock dogs for producing a tough work dog that I can also have a lot of fun with at a trial.”


Previous Sale Dog Profile: Bunyah Lenny

Sold by: Will Harvey, Muswellbrook NSW  (Bunyah Kelpie Stud)

Purchased by: Zac Ede, Bulga, NSW

Sale Price: $1000

Breeding: (Kelpie) Timberhills Les x Bunyah Fran 

"I bought Lenny as a 6 month old pup, he was lightly started and full of natural work and easy to train. Lenny has now done plenty of work for multiple handlers, he will work sheep, cattle and feral goats. Lenny came second in the 2018 futurity and will be running in the 2019 futurity."

Previous Sale Dog Profile: Leeway Boss (Snoopy)

Sold by: Mitch Lee, Cassilis NSW (Leeway Working Dogs)

Purchased by: Zac Ede, Bulga, NSW

Sale Price: $1000

Breeding: (Collie) Clydedales Beau x Molly

"Snoopy was bought as a pup out of the sale. He has grown into a big strong dog, that is good on cows and calves and will follow a horse all day. He is part of my A-team of dogs. He is easy to handle and placed third in the 2018 futurity." Chris Bagnall, Glenrock Station